Chaordination, and the emergence of the collective will

In February we participated in a modest event at Betahaus sponsored by jovoto who kindly provided a budget of 500 Euros for some food and material costs. The event fostered a community, and a documentary, as well as numerous products and experimentation, which generated hype, which in turn generated another community. But it didn't stop… Continue reading Chaordination, and the emergence of the collective will


The myth of the individual, AKA completely missing the point of Palomar 5

I just read another press article, and whilst it expresses coherently some of the great things explored and achieved at Palomar 5, it completely misses the point. It perpetuates the myth of the individual above collective output. What is it about our society that looks for the individual? That looks to place achievement on one… Continue reading The myth of the individual, AKA completely missing the point of Palomar 5

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The Enablers: Process and Philosophy

The Enablers was one of the many projects explored by Palomar 5. The end goal being communities that would solve their own problems, and reward behaviors that benefitted the community.  It was primarily developed in collaboration with @magovsky, after a fantastic brainstorming session with @unfucktheworld, and @spreeraum. I'd like you to explore it on a local scale… Continue reading The Enablers: Process and Philosophy


Laptop Bubbles

Based on a previous conversation with Peter Bihr and being in a space for 6 weeks where I can do pretty much anything . I decided to play with some basic technology for a change. The supposition is simple. Express what you want to talk about on your laptop. Grant permission for people to talk… Continue reading Laptop Bubbles


Legal Paralysis

Do too many laws, prevent us from actually doing anything good? George Monbiot highlights, present alarming police activity and our ever steady progress towards a police state in the name of freedom. http://www.guardian.co.uk/environment/georgemonbiot/2009/jun/22/kingsnorth-fit-police-surveillance However this question isn't just about the laws and how their being applied, which is indeed of grave concern. But also of… Continue reading Legal Paralysis


Permissive Conversation Spaces

Is it possible to create zones and areas in public, where we feel comfortable talking to strangers? Post BarCamp Sheffield 2.1 I was mulling over the impact of the event and some of the technologies we implemented. On analysis I realised that a lot of the success of the event arose from the fantastic conversations… Continue reading Permissive Conversation Spaces

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Intellectual Property is Theft

In response to Dougald Hines call for articles around the theme COMMONSense. and this has been bubbling under for some time now, so it's time to splurge. Intellectual Property is theft Let us not decieve ourselves any longer, all forms of property and property rights are about control and power. They change the rules of… Continue reading Intellectual Property is Theft

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A Call to Collaboration Part 1.

As part of my work for http://www.LocalEyes.org, I have identified that an issue faced collectively by Social Enterprises is reaching the "Community". Many groups already exist that "engage with the community", ie. they get together and they do stuff. The organisers of such groups, are exactly the kind of people, we should be helping, and… Continue reading A Call to Collaboration Part 1.

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Citizens, not Customers

This post stems from yet another great talk on Ted, which as well as using the phrase "technosis externality clusterfuck" with reference to urban archictecture, also leaves you with the fantastic "don't refer to yourself as a consumer, you are a citizen" The point being that a consumer or customer is passive, they are served.… Continue reading Citizens, not Customers

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My Building Democracy Application – Taking it Old School

Sorry that's not the title of the Application, just a reference to the ethos behind it, ie. how can we merge "Old School" offline social technologies, with the "New School" to ensure no child left behind (sorry took the schooling metaphor too far). You get the jist Title: Community Bridge Description: Bridging the gap between… Continue reading My Building Democracy Application – Taking it Old School