Chaordination, and the emergence of the collective will

In February we participated in a modest event at Betahaus sponsored by jovoto who kindly provided a budget of 500 Euros for some food and material costs. The event fostered a community, and a documentary, as well as numerous products and experimentation, which generated hype, which in turn generated another community. But it didn't stop… Continue reading Chaordination, and the emergence of the collective will

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Talk to Me Bubbles update

What started as a laptop experiment, is proving to be a great technology for events. Please use the hashtag #lbubbles to add your own stories to the talk to me bubbles experiences. Talk to me bubbles have now been successfully tested at several conferences and business events including: Deutsche Telecoms Innovation Day - Will men… Continue reading Talk to Me Bubbles update


atoms&bits festival

I'm really excited about the atoms&bits festival. I've volunteered to help with it, having got the taste for Barcamp/Unconference organising with Barcamp Sheffield 2.1 and Unsheffield. atoms&bits is an un-event, where barcamp and unconference principles are extrapolated across Berlin and beyond. It's scope continually expanding - as any one can run their own micro event… Continue reading atoms&bits festival


Conversational Technologies: Tag Cloud Hats

Helping you network, by making you look ridiculous. Last year at Barcamp Sheffield 2.1, I undertook an experiment in icebreaking. The idea was inspired by tag stickers I saw at an SI camp meetup in London. Essentially the idea was to see whether if we could view peoples interests as tags taking shape as thoughts… Continue reading Conversational Technologies: Tag Cloud Hats

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Popping my Bar Camp cherry

The notion of losing my virginity of anything to a bunch of self professed geeks is pretty horrifying, but terminology aside I just wanted to try and articulate a brief explaination of what a Barcamp is and why anyone should want to attend. I didn't know what to expect from BarCamp London 5, but given… Continue reading Popping my Bar Camp cherry