The myth of the individual, AKA completely missing the point of Palomar 5

I just read another press article, and whilst it expresses coherently some of the great things explored and achieved at Palomar 5, it completely misses the point. It perpetuates the myth of the individual above collective output. What is it about our society that looks for the individual? That looks to place achievement on one… Continue reading The myth of the individual, AKA completely missing the point of Palomar 5


Laptop Bubbles

Based on a previous conversation with Peter Bihr and being in a space for 6 weeks where I can do pretty much anything . I decided to play with some basic technology for a change. The supposition is simple. Express what you want to talk about on your laptop. Grant permission for people to talk… Continue reading Laptop Bubbles


Building business environments

Etsy/Folksy/Dawanda meets Instructables Open and distributed models of product development create an environment in which products can evolve, advance, and be produced as needed, where needed. However designers and innovators attitudes repeatedly return to "yes very nice, how am I going to get paid?" Financial reward does not flow from the idea, it flows from… Continue reading Building business environments


Conversational Technologies: Tag Cloud Hats

Helping you network, by making you look ridiculous. Last year at Barcamp Sheffield 2.1, I undertook an experiment in icebreaking. The idea was inspired by tag stickers I saw at an SI camp meetup in London. Essentially the idea was to see whether if we could view peoples interests as tags taking shape as thoughts… Continue reading Conversational Technologies: Tag Cloud Hats


Permissive Conversation Spaces

Is it possible to create zones and areas in public, where we feel comfortable talking to strangers? Post BarCamp Sheffield 2.1 I was mulling over the impact of the event and some of the technologies we implemented. On analysis I realised that a lot of the success of the event arose from the fantastic conversations… Continue reading Permissive Conversation Spaces

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Open Calendar Systems: Sharing time

Open calendar systems, seem to me to be a massively underexploited gap in the Web 2.0 marketplace. I have yet to find anything that is remotely good enough, and that fully exploits the opportunities that shared time presents. Sharing time based information creates numerous opportunities and an open calendar with an intuitive UI represents an… Continue reading Open Calendar Systems: Sharing time


UK Banks Shareholders Meeting

Since we're now all major shareholders in UK banks, can we hold a shareholders meeting? Thing's I'd like to put to the table chiefly surround the banks investment strategy. I have but 2 requests, one do and one don't. Do. Develop a strategy whereby a good portion of our funds are invested in areas local… Continue reading UK Banks Shareholders Meeting

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The Ideas Diary – Blog the Aged Project

Get younguns to film old uns talking about what life was like growing up in a particular geographic location. Will serve to include the old in the digital media revolution and hopefully break down a few of the perceptions that both parties hold. Plus it will create a sense of history around an area. I… Continue reading The Ideas Diary – Blog the Aged Project

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The Ideas Diary – How YouTube can turn a profit

Photo Credit http://www.flickr.com/photos/iwaszewski/ Further to my previous post on Augmented Content, i'd like to follow with an example. The example in question, could remove some of the many issues of media rights that we presently face, if the right profits share systems can be created. Augmented Broadcasting Imagine your watching a film and you see… Continue reading The Ideas Diary – How YouTube can turn a profit