Taking names at the shop door AKA fuck forms

Imagine walking into a shop, and instead of browsing the goods at leisure you are greeted instead with a request to fill in you address, telephone number, name and date of birth before you could even look at the goods. Imagine if a hair dresser took you through a survey before they cut your hair.… Continue reading Taking names at the shop door AKA fuck forms


Hyperlocal telepresent information streams

I just watched http://www.ted.com/talks/blaise_aguera.html in a bid to get my latest Ted fix, and am very excited by the potential that this technology represents, especially when combined with crowdsourcing. What if people start offering their phones anonymously for specific requests? What if you could visualise the swarm of mobiles available at any given time, at… Continue reading Hyperlocal telepresent information streams

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Social Technology Rant

A client recently asked me to help them understand "Multichannel Communications" - you can also insert "360 degree campaigns" or various other buzzwords of choice here. Below is my response. Much of it has been delivered before, but the message doesn't seem to be filtering through to industry as a whole (perhaps due to social… Continue reading Social Technology Rant



It starts with a bold premise. All change does. Bold, unreasonable, uncompromising. Information is a human right I can vouch for that, i've been without a laptop for 4 weeks, and I feel intellectually and conversationally crippled. Like someone took away a large part of my mind, my ears and my mouth. But i've been… Continue reading ahumanright.org

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Jay’s Lexicon – Augmented Content

There's been a lot of talk of content, and user generated content, but strangely the phrase augmented content I find greatly overlooked. Especially as the process of content augmentation is one which we appear to be constantly engaged in, albiet at the moment in a limited form. Augmenting tweets by linking to urls and blogs,… Continue reading Jay’s Lexicon – Augmented Content

Web 2.0 Musings

Web Improvements

Pondering the world of web improvements, one of the joys is that if you can think of it it already exists. Fantastic as it means I don't have to wait for the functionality, or if I do I don't have to wait for as much of it. So first up - The split browser function.… Continue reading Web Improvements

Web 2.0 Musings

Organisations and Social Media – Stage 1. The buy in

To start introducing social media into any large organisation, one must first recognise the obvious - Social media is social. It can only be as successfull as the number of people using in, and social forces will come into play. What do I mean by social forces? I mean your dealing with people, each will… Continue reading Organisations and Social Media – Stage 1. The buy in

Web 2.0 Musings

Socialising Social Enterprise

At the Catalyst awards Dan Mcquillan asked “what next?” for the Catalyst Awards and Social Enterprises. He suggested a mash up of all the events together to bring them all under one roof. I suggest taking it a stage further. Why don’t we look in more detail at the collaboration opportunities that exist within these… Continue reading Socialising Social Enterprise


One night in 11 ideas: Word wiki-spelling plugin

It’s half twelve now, so I’ll be brief – Plugin for word that links to a wiki spell tool that allows users to upload new word uses and lingo. Like wiki and plugin for example.


One Night in ten ideas: 50% pay per download

Or “how do you sell more films by giving away 50% of them?” Give away the first half charge them for the second. By allowing customers to download films easily (might I suggest a shared distribution network here) and watch the first half for free, then prompting them to pay to watch the 2nd half,… Continue reading One Night in ten ideas: 50% pay per download