Transformative Events

Events change the world. They act as catalysts for Social and Cultural Transformation.

Events can bring about profound behavioral and organisational changes. If you ask someone to make a permanent change in behavior they will resist. But, if you ask for them to try something out for 5 minutes, an hour, a day, or a week then the change is less threatening. It’s a taster, more acceptable. It then allows people to make an informed choice, rather than one based on their fears.

No change is ever permanent, however one which is explicitly temporary is much easier to instigate. Events allow you to prototype the new in the short term, so you can create lasting and sustainable change in the long term.

We have experience of creating events for transformation, experimentation and inspiration. For a taste of what we can do.

Makerlabs – co-created festivals of making
Makerplatz – co-created festival of making, and rebranding of public space
Felucca Festival – co-created festival on the bank of the Nile
CeBeta – Bringing coworking and maker culture to the heart of Cebit
BarcampsUnConferences and Open Space
Talk to Me Bubbles and Tag Cloud Hats
Placebo Highs – experiment in altering behaviors with words and conventional foodstuffs
Event Hacking – Guerrilla Cafe and Speed Dating on the Stairs

If you would like to explore how your organisation can better use or design events then please get in touch.