Conduit for Ideas

I help ideas come into the world. These ideas are not my own, but I have the ability to see what can be, and the secondary ideas they may produce.

I help create environments where they can breed and spring forth. Sometimes I take a more active role and bring them all the way to Market.

This was the case with Orikaso, and Betabook.

I’m always on the look out for ways to bring ideas into the world, seeking fertile minds with active hands with whom to plant the seeds. If you’re looking for some fresh insights, new perspectives, and that spark of inspiration then drop me a line.

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Ideas in waiting
Visible Whole – An alternative to the Invisible Hand
Home Lab – Lab for prototyping new ways to live well.
Room² – Modular Mobile Eco-Housing Solution
Human Child Seat – System to make parents into a safe child seat when traveling with children.
Key2UK – simple pin system that allows you to use EU plugs in UK.
Floor Pan – a dust pan and brush system where you don’t sweep the dust under it every bloody time.